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Why Are Ductless AC Systems So Popular?

March 31, 2021 | Blog

What To Know About Ductless Air Conditioners

Sometimes, being a homeowner can be downright stressful. There are a lot of appliances your home uses which means a lot to take care of, and they all seem to break at the same time! Most of the time we just have to take the necessary precautions and hope that nothing goes wrong. Not with your air conditioner system! 

Ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems have steadily become a contender for reliable AC services. In fact, in many ways, they have begun to outpace traditional HVAC systems! While not every single home is a great fit for ductless AC, Service Wizard wants our customers to know that they have a choice when it comes to air conditioning. 

How Do Ductless Mini-Splits Work?

Ductless AC systems operate similarly to a traditional AC system – including an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit sucks the air from the home and transfers it through tubing to the outdoor unit. There it undergoes the cooling and dehumidifying process before sending the air back through the tubes to the air handler to be distributed in the home.

However, unlike traditional HVAC systems that require the air handler (indoor unit) to connect to a network of ducts that deliver air throughout the home, ductless systems are designed to completely omit the need for ducts. The air handler – a slim box-style unit – is attached directly to the wall in your home where it can deliver the cooled air. 

Are Ductless ACs More Efficient Than Traditional HVAC?

Simply according to the design and purpose of ductless systems, they are more efficient than traditional AC systems for two main reasons.

  • No Ducts – The lack of ducts in this AC system does more than eliminate the hassle to install ductwork for you as the homeowner. Ducts in traditional systems are a source of massive energy loss. Through tiny leaks, incorrect duct design and air debris buildup the air being pushed through the passageways can lose a lot of cold/heat and even escape! This is a waste of energy it takes to regulate the air in the first place.
  • Zone-Cooling – Ductless ACs use a technology called zone-cooling that inherently uses less energy than whole-home cooling. For example, traditional HVAC systems take direction from the thermostat at the hub of the system. They turn on, begin cooling air and deliver it to the entire home in an effort to make you more comfortable. But the odds are you are in one or two spaces of your home, not every single room. Instead, ductless ACs use air handlers that are strategically placed in high-traffic rooms. Each air handler can be turned on or adjusted according to who is in that area of the home.

What Are Some Advantages of Ductless AC?

The primary benefit of these systems is that they are more efficient and can therefore save you money and energy in your home. However, there are a few more perks that ductless heating and cooling bring!

Operational Cost

While ductless units are more expensive up front, their long-term operational costs have been proven to make up the difference. Ductless ACs may still need repairs as time passes, but HVAC experts have consistently seen far fewer repair calls for ductless ACs than traditional ones. Plus, when a repair is necessary the simple design and placement of the air handlers is extremely helpful to make a quick repair.

Adaptable Aesthetics

The air handlers are important parts of the ductless cooling system, but they must be installed in your home on the wall. In order to make the disturbance of your home design and space minimal, most air handlers are customizable to match the color of your walls or the style of your trim!

Additionally, ductless air handlers are sleek and small in size, specifically designed to take up less room. This allows for more strategic placement when trying to decide where your home needs the most air regulation.

Interested in Ductless AC Installation?

If some of these benefits are speaking to you, feel free to call our team at Service Wizard. We’ll be happy to discuss your situation and help you decide if a ductless mini-split system is right for you. When you need trustworthy and dependable AC services, count on our team to get the job done right!

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