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How To Protect Your Outdoor AC Unit

June 30, 2021 | Blog

Protect Your AC Unit

The outdoor component of your AC unit is designed to withstand many things, but that doesn’t mean it is completely invincible. Though it can take a punch, there are still some things you as a homeowner can do to ensure your outdoor unit lives for as long as it should. In this blog post, you will hear most of the common issues you might face when it comes to keeping your outdoor AC unit clean and how to avoid or fix them.

Pick the Perfect Location

Since your air conditioning runs the most during the warmer months, it is a good idea to place the outdoor component of the unit where it can have the most shade. This step may not be available for you, especially if you are buying a home where the unit is already placed somewhere. But, if you are building a new home and have the opportunity, do some investigating to see what areas around the outside of your house might be the most beneficial for your outdoor unit.

Make Sure It Stays Clean

For your unit to run as efficiently as possible, you should keep it as clean as possible. It is recommended that you should keep at least a 2-foot clearance around the unit at all times. This will allow better airflow, which in turn offers more efficient cooling. Try not to allow any kind of vegetation to grow on the unit, and do not purposely plant any shrub, flower, or other landscaping up against the unit.

Consider A Fence

If you are worried about theft in any way, you might consider installing a fence around the unit. It is recommended that if you decide to purchase some sort of caging to protect your outdoor AC unit, make sure there are locks installed with bolts that are hard to remove. Remember to keep at least a 2-foot clearance around the unit. This is a safe way to ensure enough space around your unit which will allow it to work efficiently while also giving it easy access to services and repairs.

Use A Weather Cover

If you happen to live in a place where the weather can seriously affect your outdoor unit, it is recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy that you cover it with some sort of protective covering. Since in most areas, the outdoor unit is not used during the winter months, covering the unit prevents the build-up of leaves, branches, and other debris so that it is clean and ready for when it’s time to turn it back on in the spring.

Practice Regular Tuneups

This step is a little more for the professionals, but your action is important too! Practicing regular maintenance on your unit helps to ensure your unit is always in tip-top condition. It is recommended that you get a tune-up in the fall to prepare for winter and in the spring to prepare for summer. Service technicians will be able to identify any range of problems that your unit might have.

Call the HVAC Professionals

The outside component of your AC unit is one of the most important pieces of the unit. It’s the part that uses the air from outside of your home, converts it to the way you want it to feel, and pushes it to the places that put the air inside your home. For more help with any HVAC needs, contact our team at Service Wizard.

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