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Preparing Your HVAC Unit For Spring

March 31, 2022 | Blog

Get Your AC Ready for Spring with Service Wizard

The spring season is the perfect time to check items off your household to-do list after chilling out during the cool months. Cleaning out winter clutter helps improve indoor air quality and is the best time to add HVAC maintenance and cleaning to your task list. Preparing your HVAC unit before the season changes can increase energy efficiency, lower utility bills and prevent 80% of breakdowns during intense use.

Follow these spring AC prep tips from Service Wizard Heating and Air Conditioning to ensure your system functions at its best when our central Texas heat kicks in!

Clean Air Vents

Confirm that each of your home’s air supply vents is open and that air passes through it easily. Move any furniture, rugs or curtains placed in a position that blocks a vent.

Air registers are dust magnets, especially when air filters are not maintained and changed routinely. Cleaning the vents removes extra dust so it does not blow throughout the house once you begin using your AC unit more frequently.

To clean your air vents and bathroom fans, remove their covers, wash each one using a mixture of soap and water and let them air dry. Before putting the covers back on, vacuum inside each duct as far as you can reach using the wand attachment. This minimizes the amount of built-up dust and pet hair, so it does not recirculate throughout your house.

Change Your HVAC Filter

Regularly changing your HVAC filter helps keep your home clean and improves your IAQ. It can also save you money by increasing your unit’s energy efficiency by five percent!

Filters should be changed (or cleaned) every 90 days when the season changes. Homes with pets and those who suffer from allergies should change their filter more often to guarantee its effectiveness.

Check Your Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a great, eco-friendly investment for your home if you don’t have one. You program it to be your ideal temperature while you are home and it doesn’t run throughout the day when it doesn’t need to, like while you are at work. In this way, it prevents your unit from doing extra work, conserving energy and saving you money.

It is also the perfect time to change the batteries in your thermostat if you haven’t recently done so. Their batteries usually last around one year, so changing them regularly keeps it from shutting down unexpectedly, which will also stop your AC unit.

Turn On Ceiling Fans

Turning on the ceiling fans circulates fresh air in your home, improving indoor air quality. Contaminants gather in stagnant winter air, and the circulation helps clear them out before running your air conditioner for the first time this season.

Tidy Up And Around Your Unit

Turn your HVAC unit off to clean and inspect some of its components to help it operate properly and safely.

The areas of your unit you should clean/inspect include:

Condensate drain pan – this plastic or metal tray collects moisture from the AC coil. Confirm that the tray is not damaged or leaking and that the hose is positioned correctly, draining all the water in the tray.

Electronics, lights, fins and refrigerator coils – any dirt or dust collected on these items may make the motor work harder. Carefully clean them to prevent your unit from consuming more energy.

Exterior damage – report any foam insulation or external panels that look damaged or misaligned to your HVAC technician. In case they aren’t completely cosmetic, repair them before starting your unit up again.

Built-up dirt, leaves, plants and other debris – clearing a radius of one to two feet around the system helps maximize its airflow and performance

Test Out The System

Once you do each of the above items, turn on the system and let it run for a few minutes. If it seems to circulate and cool the air properly, great! If not, turn off the system and call our team for a same-day service tune-up.

Schedule A Spring AC Tune-Up

Each season, schedule regular HVAC maintenance to prevent breakdowns, lengthen your unit’s life and create a healthy environment in your home. Our Service Wizard team knows how hard the always-changing Austin weather can be on AC units. We have served Austin and the surrounding areas since 1968, so let us help ensure your unit is running efficiently.

To learn about our signature 26-point AC tune-ups, contact us today!

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